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Dr. Riechman in the News

Due to the high demand for the latest cosmetic procedures by the public, the media has taken a huge interest in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Riechman has appeared in many articles and interviews and is in demand as a source for many different publications. A few of those articles have been reprinted here for you to check out. If you know of any groups or publications in need of a qualified voice in cosmetic dentistry please pass Dr.Riechman's contact information along.

"Do you or does someone you know snore? Is sleep apnea a problem for you or a loved one or friend? These conditions at best will ruin a good night's sleep, and at worst can be dangerous and life threatening. Traditional therapies can work, but shouldn't there be an alternative to surgery and the cumbersome CPAP machine? Well now there is. We have been successfully treating snoring and sleep apnea with the use of an easy to wear oral appliance. It's even covered by most medical insurance plans! We were featured in the October 11th issue of the star newspaper profiling our experience with this appliance.Please call us to learn more about how we can help you and for a complimentary consult and start sleeping well again!"